Abril Wright


My name is Abril Wright and I am the owner of “Faith Active Fitness”.

I am a N.A.S.M certified personal trainer from Lufkin, Texas where I have instructed and designed my very own boot-camp, instructed weight loss and toning classes,trained basketball athletes, and trained several clients one-on-one. I am one who genuinely cares about each of my client’s improved fitness,health and overall well-being!

My vision for “Faith Active Fitness” is to impact, influence and train as many individuals as possible through the channels of fitness and health. Ensuring that you not only look better, but also feel better! I am truly passionate about coaching and training my clients into being the best image of themselves possible.

I believe that each individual deserves a unique fitness program according to his/her body and fitness goals. What may work for me may not work for you, but with a uniquely designed program, dedication, and hard work any fitness goal is attainable. I can’t wait to see what fitness goals we can reach!

-Abril Wright N.A.S.M C.P.T