Kid Beast Ja’Quorey Angton


“Age doesn’t matter, if you want it as bad as you say you do, you will go out and get it”

– Ja’Quorey Angton

Hey guys! I am a passionate individual when it comes to fitness and helping people. I attend Angelina Community College to pursue nursing or physical therapy. Still on the fence of which one but when the time is right I will decide.

Being passionate in those areas it only made sense to help people reach their goals as a personal trainer and sponsored athlete of Total Nutrition as we both view things with the same vision. “If you help people reach their goals the money will follow.” It gets rid of the car salesman you see in most companies.

“To succeed, one must step out their comfort zone and climb over each obstacle that is set in the way. “

-Ja’Quorey Angton